Spring interior design ideas 2020


With spring well underway, and the majority of us finding we have much more time on our hands during these current unprecedented times, you may find that now is the perfect time to update your living space. In the below article, we aim to discuss the best interior design ideas for spring, helping you to give your home a new lease of life.

Bringing the outside in

With us all having to spend more time indoors than usual, now may be a great time to think about incorporating more of the outdoors into your living space with the addition of natural decorations such as houseplants. The introduction of plants into your home can help to make a space feel much airier, having great health and environmental benefits, and giving a space a refreshing, lighter feel, which can be particularly beneficial for those spending more time indoors, especially in more limited spaces.

If you find yourself limited for floor space in your home, making the incorporation of larger, or free standing, house plants a challenge, the use of indoor hanging baskets or plant pot shelves could offer the perfect solution.

These shelves, made from reclaimed wood and steel, play into a natural aesthetic known as ‘Biophilia’, which combines natural elements with human design to create an eco-conscious living space. This makes the plant pot shelf the perfect piece for those looking to bring the outside into their home this Spring.


As previously mentioned ‘Biophilia’ is an up and coming trend in interior design for 2020. First popularised as part of the climate change movement, this design trend focuses on intricate design, showing off furniture pieces made from recycled and organic materials.

Just like the addition of houseplants, the introduction of these environmentally conscious pieces, made from materials such as reclaimed wood, into a living space helps to foster a natural feel within the home, allowing a space to feel much lighter as a result.

An addition as simple as a reclaimed wood dining table could work wonders for your living space!

Floral Wall Art

Continuing with this year’s popular trend of incorporating the outdoors into a living space, botanical and floral print is as on trend as ever. Whilst always a popular choice, these floral designs have been seen to become much bolder in recent years, vibrant and contrasting colours giving botanical wallpaper a more up-to-date feel that has been proven highly popular for 2020. The introduction of these floral designs is perfect for spring, brightening up your home and giving your walls a new lease of life.

For more inspiration on how you can redecorate your living space this Spring, why not take a look at our industrial style furniture range and discover what Square One Interiors can do to help you update your home.

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