Making Optimal Use of Empty Corners in Your Home


Many people become stumped when it comes to filling out an empty corner in a room. After decorating, painting and creating a room full of character and personality, an empty space can stick out like a sore thumb. This is why in this article, we will be exploring creative and innovative ways to make sure your room is perfect from corner to corner, and hopefully share some inspiration to incorporate into your room.


Incorporating art into your home is a great way to fill spaces with interesting and bohemian artefacts or pictures. Using empty corners to display your favourite art work in, transforms a redundant space into a unique, atmospheric and dramatic zone within a room. Through this, you and your guests are provided with an interesting feature, that breaks up the room whilst supplying a certain sense of quirkiness into the space itself.

Plants and foliage

Having an allocated space for indoor plants really breathes life into a room. They provide a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy, and you can choose which plants suit your room best depending on size, species and colour. If you have a busy schedule, you can choose low maintenance plants such as cacti, to add a natural and calm feeling into the room, without requiring too much attention.

Having plant life in your room is known to improve mood and promote calmness, so why not make use of that empty corner through adding some hanging baskets and filling it up with some intriguing foliage?

Window seats

If you find your window is situated in or near a corner in your room, take full advantage of the layout through adding some blankets and cushions! Having a warm and cosy corner changes the dynamic of the room, providing a homely feel to the space.

You could take this a step further by creating a miniature bookshelf to accompany the seat, creating a nice reading den to relax in. This also makes more use of the space in the room, for you to unwind and chill out in.


Having a soft touch of light within a corner of the room adds to the atmosphere in your home. These subtle features can really have a huge effect on how our room is perceived and functions. Your choices are pretty much unlimited when it comes to lighting, too – from using a few mason jars filled with fairy lights, to add a cosy feel into the room, to a dramatic hanging light or lamp to create a more atmospheric section within the room. Lighting really plays a big part in home layout and design, so the power of a few lamps should never be underestimated.

Bars and benches

Incorporating a small bar or breakfast area within your corner, is a really simple, yet effective way to implement a new feature into an unused space or corner in your room. They provide a functional, yet aesthetically pleasing focal point, that will naturally encourage people to use and admire.

Window spaces are a great place to install a small breakfast or coffee bar, as they receive a lot of natural light, making it the perfect place to wake up in the mornings. If you are struggling to make use of an alcove space, there is a perfect opportunity to open a small cocktail bar to impress your friends with next time they come around, as the space provides some great storage options, and the bar itself can be set up relatively easily.

Floating shelves

For smaller rooms, such as in flats and apartments, floating storage solutions can be a life saver. Installing them strategically in places that are out of the way, help create more space in your room, whilst providing a purpose to an empty corner. These are both practical and also look really good, especially with some plants, textiles or pictures to go on top of them.

Gallery wall

A Gallery of photos can be the perfect homely touch to fill up an empty corner with. Perpendicular walls are a great opportunity to introduce contrasting themes of photos, for example, one wall could display pictures of your family, friends and loved ones, whilst the other could showcase your travel photos from different locations, contrasting nicely but complimenting each other in their own themes of sentimentality.

These are all really useful solutions to filling out any empty spaces in your room, to make the area feel more complete and homely. If you are looking for some ideal furniture to accompany your home, why not check out our range at Square one interiors, today! Here, you can look at our work to give you some inspirational ideas.

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