Decorating Your Dining Room Creatively


Your dining room has great potential for incorporating your personality and taste into your home. The room is designed for accommodating guests and family, and is a great way to express your taste, and impress your guests. In this article, we will explore the ways in which you can design your dining room creatively, by using simple techniques and features. This will really make your room stand out, and become a place your guests will never want to leave!

Making architectural details stand out

Your dining room may already come with features built in to it, that are just waiting to be shown off. Fireplaces, cabinets and book shelves can all be bought back to life with the right colours and decorations. Customising these features with a new splash of bold colour can really make a retired piece of furniture the centre piece of the room once again.

Using patterns around the room with the same colour theme will also help exaggerate these features, and tie them in perfectly with the theme of the room. Textiles, artwork and fabrics can also be added to cabinets or bookshelves to give them a bit more character and a more homely feel to the room.

Using reclaimed wood

It is undoubtedly a difficult task to bring character into your dining room. There are so many options that it can be hard to know where to begin. However, reclaimed woods are a very trendy option at the moment, providing deep tones and interesting textures into your dining room. Using reclaimed wood for a dining table and chairs is a great way to show off an interesting focal point in the room, and breathe new life into your space.

For smaller spaces, having a wood panelled wall or a wooden bookshelf is just as effective in adding character and an element of architecture into the home.

Adding colour through drapes

Your colour palette isn’t just limited to the walls. If you are renting for example, you might want to opt for a less permanent solution for adding colour into your home. Drapes, blinds and curtains are all great ways to add colour and patters into your home to give it a more complete feel.

By using a long rod to hang your drapes, you have more space to fill out with colour and patterns, meaning you can really be generous with the material at hand, providing more colours to your room’s palette.

Mixing colours and patterns

As the dining room is usually the least used room in the house, you have much more creative freedom for what you want to do with it. Through mixing colours and patterns together, you can really create an interesting, dynamic and bold space to enjoy. However, it is important to bear in mind that less is definitely more when it comes to these sorts of things.  There should be a harmonious balance between the patterns and colours, and using a monochromatic colour scheme can be really useful, as it accommodates for all the colours within that palette. Using the different shades of a subtle colour really compliments the room well, and can introduce a relaxing balance within the room itself.

If you are looking to bring life back into your dining room, why not contact Square One Interiors, to see how our bespoke furniture and design tips can help you transform your living space!

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