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Whether you’ve just moved into a new home or are in the process of redecorating, a lack of shelving in a room can lead to your living space both looking, and feeling, cluttered, making the use of resourceful shelving ideas vital when aiming to reorganise the home. Clutter can often become an issue when we find ourselves without proper storage and organisation, especially when working with smaller spaces. With these great shelving ideas, this will, hopefully, never be an issue that you find yourself faced with again.

Plant Pot Shelf

This plant pot shelf is a must for plant lovers who may be working within a limited space, helping to bring the outside in, as well as brighten up the home, without taking up a large amount of room. Hand made from reclaimed softwood and steel, these shelves are completely customisable down to the colour of wood and number of plant pots featured, making them adaptable to your style and requirements. The plant pot shelf is the perfect feature for any room, especially those with limited space.

Industrial Style Bookshelf

Do you find that your living space is becoming over cluttered with decorative pieces too valuable to store out of sight, like family photographs and holiday souvenirs, but your counter top space is suffering as a result? If so, investing in a stand-alone bookshelf could work wonders for your home, providing you with much needed storage space for your valuables.

Made from reclaimed timber and industrial steel, this large, multi-tiered, industrial style bookshelf is a great way to store and organise the items that you want to keep on display in your home, also acting as ideal storage for those items you may need access to on a more frequent basis, such as cookery books, DVDs, and CDs, etc.

Shelving Unit

If the space that you are working with is unable to accommodate large shelving solutions such as bookshelves, a smaller scale shelving unit may prove more suitable for storing the valuables that you want to keep on display. Also made from reclaimed timber and heavy duty steel, these shelving units are built to last, making them a great long-term shelving solution.

Overall, there are a range of great ways that you can use shelving to better utilise your living space, helping you to organise your home in a way most suitable to you. Discover our shelving range here.

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