Interiors Décor Ideas for After Lockdown


With the UK lockdown restrictions finally starting to ease, we find that more of us are returning to our regular life schedules and finally being able to leave the confines of our homes. However, having spent an extortionate amount of our time at home over the last few months, many of us may find that we have grown sick of seeing the same interior décor day after day. While many may have used the additional time at home to carry out some interior renovations, for those who were unable to go outside and purchase any required decorating supplies, now may be the perfect opportunity!

Below, we aim to discuss some of the best ways you can work to completely transform the look of your indoor space, giving your home a new lease of life.

Tropical Themes

Unfortunately, it may be a while before we’re allowed to safely travel abroad for tropical holidays again, so, for now, the best we can do is try and bring the summer holiday to us!
The summer is all about vibrant, warm colours, and a tropical interior theme would totally encompass this. Adding yellow and green hues to your home can help to brighten and totally transform an area, embracing the summer vibes; sticking to a white background will really help additions of colour to pop and stop any prints you may opt for from being too overbearing.

Natural Themes

The use of natural elements within a space is timeless, bringing a natural look to your home that can help to completely transform a space. The introduction of eco-friendly furniture pieces crafted from various materials such as reclaimed timber and driftwood into the home can help to foster a natural feel that will lighten the space as a result; This could work wonders in smaller spaces. An addition as small as a reclaimed wood coffee table could completely transform a home.

Introduce Greenery

Having spent an extortionate amount of time indoors over the last couple of months, you may find that now is the perfect time to think about introducing more greenery into your living space with the addition of houseplants. This is a great, and cost effective, way to completely transform a space with minimal effort required!

Make the most of your space, especially when working within a smaller living area, with our reclaimed wood plant pot shelves; offering the perfect solution when finding floor space for free standing house plants may be challenging.

For more home décor inspiration, why not browse our extensive range of industrial style furniture and learn more about what Square One Interiors can do to help you revamp your home.

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