How to incorporate 2021’s colour trends into your interior design


As we enter this new year, many of us may find ourselves wanting to switch up our interior design, helping to freshen up our living spaces and signify a new start for 2021. A great way to do that can be to incorporate any upcoming colour trends into your interior furnishings, helping you to achieve a modern and up-to-date look with little to no effort. Within the below article, we will discuss the popular colour trends expected for 2021, as well as how you can incorporate this into your home’s interior design.

Warmer Neutral Tones

It seems as though warmer neutral tones are here to stay for 2021, having risen in popularity over the last couple of years and taking over from cooler grey tones that were more popular in the past. Earthy tones such as light browns can help to make a space feel cosier and much more welcoming overall, making them a great option for use within your interior design.

These are colours easily added into your living space by painting your walls or choosing a neutral toned wallpaper, however, these are colours that are easily incorporated into your furniture choices also.

Natural furniture pieces that use materials such as light coloured wood can be great way to participate within this interior design colour trend, helping to introduce a natural element into any living space. This may come as a welcome change to the many of us finding ourselves spending more of our time indoors.
Industrial style furniture crafted from reclaimed wood can be a great way to incorporate these warmer neutral tones into your interior design; you can browse our complete range of quality furniture here.

Shades of Muted Green

There are various shades of green that seem to have risen in popularity over recent months, synonymous with more environmentally conscious & natural themes that have been seen within interior design as of late.

Olive and Sage Green accent walls can act as the perfect addition to any living space, helping to refresh and modernise a space, as well as provide a powerful and restorative quality to your home.

If you find yourself working from home, green may be a great colour to incorporate into your workspace, promoting deep thought and aiding contemplation.

Pops of Colour

While this is an upcoming interior design trend less focused on a particular colour, the incorporation of small pops of bright colour into your living space is expected to be highly popular within 2021, helping to liven up your living space with minimal effort required.

Our unique & colourful reclaimed wood dining tables could be a great way to bring this trend into your home. Constructed from reclaimed wood and steel, our dining tables are available in 5 different wood finishes and with table legs in over 100 different colours, making this a product built to last and constructed to meet your exact requirements.

Overall, there are many great ways that you can work to bring the most popular colours of 2021 into your home, helping to freshen up your living space and provide you with a fresh start to the new year.

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