Botanical interior design ideas


Botanical and floral themes are once again incorporating themselves into people’s homes. As people are becoming ever more eco-conscious, our homes are beginning to reflect this into their interiors. Embracing and inviting outdoor beauty into our homes is becoming ever more popular, so in this article we will look at clever and inventive ways to introduce these botanical themes into your home.


A bold way to create a botanical atmosphere is through floral printed wallpaper designs. Particularly when used in light, airy and spacious rooms. This can really add an element of freshness throughout a space, in a confident way. If you’re looking for a more subtle touch, floral printed tapestries are a gorgeous alternative, through adding the similar note of greenery, but without being a permanent feature.

Textiles and furnishings

To add a touch of greenery throughout your home, try placing various botanical prints upon cushions and pillows. Themed pillows are a great way for you to rearrange and shake up your room easily. This can be used to build up a floral theme or break up block colours around your room.

Pictures and wall art

Botanical prints can breathe life into any space. Light, contrasting colours create extra depth, which can really awaken a wall space. For an even more natural look, try making your own prints through methods such as lino printing.

Repurposing your wooden furniture

A resourceful way to keep your home light, airy and natural is through reclaiming your old wooden furniture for re purposing. There are many examples of people reusing reclaimed wooden pub tables, this will show you how creative you can get with this idea.

Combine the natural with the industrial

The contrast between natural prints and floral designs when aired with industrial style wall pieces or furniture, creates a wonderful fusion of the two. When this is done right, it allows for an eye-catching display, creating a formidable talking point in your home.

Introduce terrariums and plants

There is no better way to introduce botanical themes throughout your home then by adding real plants! An array of succulents not only look great, but they are also very low maintenance, requiring very little water.

Extenuate this idea further with some captivating plant pots and containers, which will really display the plants beauty to its full potential.

Of course, there are various ways to incorporate a botanical theme into your space, so why not check out square one interiors for more inspiration? Our products, such as our industrial reclaimed wood furniture, will show you the potential of interior design.

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