What you should consider when changing the lighting in the home


There are a variety of different aspects which should be considered when installing lighting into a room. Lighting affects everything from the tone of the room, to the mood we are in, so it is important to understand how the lighting will affect you, and what you can do to use lighting to your advantage as much as possible. In this article, we will look at the different uses of lighting and what is most suitable for you.

What will you be using your space for?

This is important to bear in mind as different rooms require a different level of lighting. For instance, a study will require a lot of natural light and more muted artificial lighting to promote concentration, but also add an element of relaxation and serenity. Whereas if the room is to be used as a living space, you will need a lot of lighting with dimming options to suit you throughout the day, as this is most likely where you will be spending a lot of your free time.

Is there anything in your room you wish to highlight?

Are there any particular features or aspects of the room in which you are lighting, that you wish to showcase? If there are any wall mounted pictures, posters or art works you wish to display, a subtle lighting fixture above it can really help bring them to life, but not overpower the room.

If you have any shelving units on your wall, perhaps consider using subtle LED lighting to show off your collection of trinkets or books. By understanding what you would like to be shown through lighting, this will give you a better idea of where to put your accent lighting.

Who will be using the room?

Lighting is very dependent upon who is using the room. As you get older, the more you will require brighter lighting to see sufficiently. For example, a 60-year-old will need a lot more lighting than a 10-year-old, as their eyesight requirements will be different compared to each other.

When and how often will the room be used?

If you are considering the lighting in a bedroom, then you are going to want quite subtle and subdued lighting to reflect the tone of the room, however a bathroom, will require more natural lighting to accommodate for everybody using it at different points throughout the day, with a relaxed tone and mood.

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