Interior Design Ideas for Spring 2021


With spring now well underway and the weather gradually getting warmer, many of us may find that now is the perfect time to update the look of our homes. Within the below article, Square One Interiors will list some of the best interior design ideas for spring 2021, helping you to revamp the look of your living space.

Earthy Colour Schemes

The use of natural shades of browns, deep reds and warm greens are said to be expected to play a large role in interior design trends for the spring of 2021. This is a trend that will focus around bringing a natural colour palette into your home and embracing natural elements within your décor.
This can be incorporated by introducing more natural wood furniture pieces into your home, and painting your walls with more natural and muted shades, helping to foster a welcoming and comforting environment within your living space.


Having risen to popularity in the summer of last year, Cottagecore is a design trend rooted in comfort and nostalgia. Characterised as an overall simplistic interior design trend, Cottagecore takes on quite a muted, pastel colour scheme and favours rustic furniture pieces alongside vintage prints and patterns.
The use of vintage and reclaimed wood furniture pieces is seen to be a fairly large aspect of this interior design trend, helping to bring a sense of rustic elegance into your home.

Floral Wall Murals

Continuing on from last year’s interior design trend that saw more of us incorporating natural elements into our living spaces, floral and botanical prints are seen to be as popular as ever. These floral designs have become bolder within recent years, with contrasting vibrant colours giving botanical wall murals a more modern and on trend feel that is expected to be highly popular for spring 2021.
The introduction of a floral wall mural to your living space can be a great way to brighten up your home for spring, freshening up your walls as well as your home overall.

For more ideas on how you can work to revamp your home for the spring months, why not browse our complete industrial style furniture range and learn more about what Square One Interiors can do to help you redecorate your living space.

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