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You’ve just laid down the new flooring in your home. Now it’s time to look towards furniture to really show things off, but where do you begin? This is actually quite a common issue, as it can be very hard to get the right balance between your furniture and your floor. Luckily, we have this covered. In this article, we will look at how you can strike the perfect balance between your flooring and furnishings, so you can use your space to its maximum potential.

Undertone and mass tone

Understanding the uses of under tone and mass tone goes a long way in interior design. The colour we instantly see when observing something is referred to as mass tone. This is effectively our eyes first registering the colour which we are observing, whilst undertone refers to the more muted or subdued tone of the colour, which builds up the image we see. For example, a light wooden floor would contrast impressively with a grand mahogany cabinet, as the mahogany would introduce an element of grandeur into the room, where as the flooring will keep the room light and prevent it from being completely over powered by the mahogany cabinet. When dealing with furnishing, you should always keep this in mind, as it helps build up an image of what furniture you want to contrast or compliment your flooring.

Don’t stick to one tone or shade

There is quite a popular notion that you should stick to one shade of wood for your room, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Having a wide variety of woods in your space, whether from flooring, cabinets or tables, allows for a dramatic contrast between the shades. The trick is just to know how much wood is enough and what shades would complement each other the most effectively.

Use corresponding colours

Corresponding colours allow your home to feel in harmony, from the floor to the furniture. Finding colours which complement each other well is so important in this aspect, and you can do this through matching the shades and temperature of the colours in your flooring to your furnishing. For example, a deep crimson red would complement a mahogany flooring well as they both have a lot of depth in their hues, whilst a cool blue shade would pair very nicely with a light, weathered wooden flooring and work together to provide a light and breezy atmosphere in your space.

Divide the wood up

A great way to round of furnishing your home is through splitting up the wood in your home. Through this, the wood isn’t the only dominant feature throughout your house, and it reduces the feeling of claustrophobia which can sometimes be introduced through too much wooden furnishings and flooring.

Try introducing rugs and carpets to balance out the textures around your home. A great way to keep a consistent theme throughout the house is through adding colours to the walls. Light and pastel shades can go with a lot of different settings and furnishings, so they are always a reliable option if you need to break up the pattern or theme in your house, whilst still keeping a consistent design throughout.

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