Winter interior design tips


As the temperature outside continues to fall, now is the time of year we want to stay cosy and warm inside our own home. Due to the more time we want to spend indoors, we have compiled a list of the latest design trends focused around the winter months, so you can enjoy your time to unwind in an atmosphere that suits you. In this article, we will look at the latest interior design trends which you can begin implementing right away!

Colour schemes

Green Shades

Natural, muted and neutral tones have been making a big return over the past three years, and green represents these qualities like no other colour. The beauty of this colour is that the varying shades can be used all over the house, whether as furnishings, wallpaper or paint. In particular, khaki, olive and emerald shades are proving to be amongst the most popular shades of green used within kitchens and living rooms, as they all express natural tones, each in their unique way and style. Whether a touch of green here or there, or all over your walls, green is a great and breathable colour to introduce into your home this winter!

Harmonising black or dark tones with fabrics

If you are looking to add a luxurious element into your home this winter, black is a bold and brilliant option to run with. The colour is by nature, a very dominating and imposing colour, which can be muted somewhat by pairing it with soft and light textures or fabrics. Fur throws and velvet upholstery all work really well together to bring in a high quality, luxurious and warm feel to your home.

Rich purples and neutral colours

Purple tones are difficult to get right at the best of times. The key is to find a tone which is subtle and Smokey through using enough grey. A Smokey purple offers a muted option which emulates the beauty of winter, without coming off as garish. Layer natural colours in and around this Smokey purple to add an element of freshness and warmth.This will complete the look and really set up your winter home for a great start!


Bespoke industrial furniture

Designing and owning bespoke industrial furniture comes with many benefits, as you have creative control and input throughout the process of it being created. High quality, crafted furniture already looks superb within a winter aesthetic, however adding in an industrial element within the design brings hints of modernism and adds even more of a rustic feel to the piece. Contemporary industrial furniture has been becoming more and more popular over the past decade, and its current demand seems to have no signs of wavering any time soon.

Illustrated art pieces

The trend of typography fixtures around the home seems to finally be dwindling. The trend has definitely been losing steam over the past couple of years, and now another design trend has come to take over. illustrated art offers a simple, yet effective way to communicate feelings of familiarity and calmness to the viewer, in a much more subtle way than typography pieces. You have a lot of leeway when deciding on art for your home when it comes to illustrations, as there are just so many variants to choose from. From bold, black and white portraits, to more subtle abstract pieces with muted tones, or even simple, art décor inspired pieces – the choice is completely yours. Creating your own illustrations to place round your house offers a more personal insight to you and your home, so you can really put your character and personality into any space.

Using natural materials

As botanical features and natural aesthetics are becoming more commonplace within homes, its not surprising that natural materials are becoming intwined with interior design. Bamboo and cane are coming back in a big way, being used for furniture or shelving units with more sophisticated and intricate designs. As these materials are so malleable, creating exquisite furniture from them using techniques such as weaving is more in demand than ever. Reclaimed wood has become another excellent option available to those looking to combine the old with the modern in their homes design. Reclaimed wood can be used for seating and furnishings, whilst keeping a genuinely rustic feel.

If you are looking for more design tips or inspiration, why not contact Square One interiors for bespoke furniture designs and a friendly, experienced service!

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