Interior design trends for 2020


With 2020 approaching, it is time to look for the new interior design trends that are on the horizon of the new year. The new year is a great time to revamp your home, ready for a fresh start. So, in this article, we will begin looking at the new and exciting design trends, so you can start off the new decade right!


Velvet has definitely been making a comeback in recent years, both in the worlds of fashion and interior design. Whilst it may not be to everyone’s taste, it is certainly a hot trend for 2020. Velvet has a great mix of luxury and comfort, and modern takes on it are certainly appealing to the eye. More shades of velvet are being opted to be used on modern furniture such as sofas, which look great in this material, and a far cry from the red velvet upholstery used on furniture in the past.

Geometric patterns and shapes

A very popular trend right now, geometric patterns have taken over the design industry by storm. You can typically find geometric patterns anywhere now, from wallpapers to notebooks. It is for this reason that we had to include it in our list, as there is no end to the popularity of this design choice in sight.

Geometric patterns are great for making bold statements with bright colours and contrasting lines, you can literally use geometric patterns anywhere in your house, and beyond.

Biophilia design

A new emerging trend, known as ‘Biophilia’ combines human design with natural elements to create furniture that doesn’t appear to be manufactured. Possibly popularised from the ever-growing climate change movement, this design shows off intricate designs from organic or recycled materials.

Incorporating this into your home, will introduce a natural aesthetic, and make your space feel lighter and airier. Couple this design with earthy tones, and natural elements such as rocks and woods, to create an eco-conscious space.

Botanical wallpaper

Whilst always a relatively popular choice, floral and botanical prints have come a long way over the years, becoming bolder in design and less reminiscent of an old lady’s living room. This new wallpaper design is trendy, and has pops of vibrant yellows and contrasting colours, which draws in the viewer, without being too imposing upon the room. Looking to 2020, this design is sure to gain even popularity, and evolve even further.

‘Feminine’ tones

Incorporating feminine tones has been growing steadily in interior design over the past year, and there is no reason as to why it won’t make it into the design trends of 2020. These tones introduce subtle and calm aspects to your room, with varying shades available to suit your taste, with blush, taupe and millennial pink being popular choices.

Maximalism design

Minimalism has had a strong grasp on the design trends over the past decade, but now the opposite may be becoming the preferred choice. Maximalism embraces bold and grand designs, with bright colours and patterns mixed with extravagant décor.

This should be used with some restraint however, so to not over clutter or make your space appear to busy.

Black is coming back

Many interior design firms believe that black will be amongst the hottest trends in 2020, with it covering everything from walls to countertop. Black is infamous for making rooms feel small and claustrophobic, however, mixing black with contrasting colours can make for a harmonious balance, which can actually make the room feel bigger.

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