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Interior Design Ideas for Summer 2021


With the summer now well underway and restrictions being eased more and more over the coming months, now may be the perfect time for you to considering redecorating your living space, helping to both revamp and freshen up your home. In the below article, Square One Interiors will aim to discuss the most popular interior design ideas for summer, helping you to breathe a new lease of life into your home.


A Neutral Colour Palette


Neutral tones are a must within any colour palette, helping to ensure that your living space does not become too overwhelming with bright or contrasting colours. However, while cooler tones such as light greys have been a staple within interior design during more recent years, too many of these cool shades can work to unintentionally foster an environment that feels uninviting and cold, making this a design choice that should ideally be avoided.


Similarly, warmer tones such as muted yellows and beiges can have the opposite effect, making a space come across as too warm. To avoid this, neutral tones that fall into the centre of the colour spectrum can be utilised, providing the perfect middle option that will not work to clash with any of the other design choices that you incorporate into your living space.


Rustic Furniture


Tying into the environmentally-conscious design trends that have been seen to rise in popularity during recent years, rustic style furniture pieces made from reclaimed wood have risen in popularity for summer 2021, providing a great way to incorporate more of the outdoors into your home’s interior design. This is a great way to work towards establishing both a refreshing and relaxed atmosphere in your living space, helping to make your home feel welcoming and inviting.

Introducing a custom-built, rustic style furniture piece to your interior design can help to add a unique touch to your living space, giving your home a great sense of personality.


To conclude, there are a range of changes that you can be making to your interior design that will work to freshen up your home this summer. For more ideas on how you can redecorate your living space this summer, why not view our range of industrial style furniture and find out more about what Square One Interiors can offer.


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