Ideas for open plan living spaces


Making the most of your living space can really transform your home, by bringing in light and extenuating the space available to you. Open plan living essentially means using large spaces to your advantage, and getting rid of small and cramped rooms. There are many different ways you can transform your home into an open plan space, and we will explore these different options throughout this blog.

Using colour

Colour can really play a pivotal role when it comes to defining your open plan space. As a rule of thumb, it is always a good idea to use a dominant base colour to complete your overall space, whilst also using different tones and shades to define specific zones in your room, and create a certain mood for each area.

Effectively creating transitions in your room will really help bring character into different sections, provide each section with its own character and charm. This is not only visually appealing, but also brings in a sense of flow into an open space, creating multiple spaces in one room.

Matching your furniture colour schemes is another great way to bring in a sense of organization into your space, as applying different bold colours to different features in your room contrast really well together.  It is important to bear in mind that although using different colours will help break up your space, you will also need the colours to compliment each other to avoid a room that looks too busy and distracting.


When it comes to furniture, it is important to keep a similar theme running through your space, in order to avoid it becoming too loud of cluttered. Light furniture is a good choice in large, open spaces as they help reflect the natural sunlight, which gives a light and airy feel into your room.

Utilizing storage space to your advantage is a great way to separate zones and free up some space in an open plan room. Using elevated storage or islands are visually striking whilst extremely practical.


Flooring can be tricky to get right, and expensive if it goes wrong. It is worth bearing in mind that smaller spaces should be unified through one type of flooring, without too many colours of textures to distract the eye.

If you have more space, you can take advantage of more flooring options that can break up rooms nicely, as long as they flow harmoniously with each other and help to define the different zones in your room.

Adding in little features and textures such as rugs onto the floor will also create a homier feel, and can be easily replaced if needs be.


Lighting is an essential part of open plan living and design. It can make rooms feel bigger, set the mood for a room and compliments focal design pieces around your room by drawing attention to them.

You can achieve superb lighting through a multitude of options, whether via large windows, grand central lighting pieces or even more subtle lights such as pendant or fairy lights. Having a good balance of lighting really adds the finishing touches to an open plan space, and will make it seem more inviting.

To conclude, creating an open plan space is really about taking advantage of the space that you already have. Getting creative with the space you are in is never a bad thing, and through this, you can unlock your rooms full potential.

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