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Choosing the best furniture for your home can be quite a difficult decision, especially when it comes to choosing the correct type of wooden furniture. As wooden furniture varies so much in terms of pricing, style and material, we will look at the different types of wooden furniture you can purchase. This will then allow you to choose one which will suit your budget and home the best. Wooden furniture has been a long-standing favourite throughout the entire house when it comes to furnishings, whether it be traditional oak, or veneered wood, so there are plenty of industrial style furniture to choose from.

Hard wood and soft wood

Hardwood furniture is a type of wooden furniture made from wood that grows slowly, making the wood harder and denser. This of course, makes the wood a lot more robust and durable, and means that the wood will last for a long time after buying it. Hardwood is usually made from oak, mahogany and walnut, but does have many different variants of which it can be made from, such as ash or birch wood. Softwood is the cheaper alternative to hardwood furnishings, and is most commonly made from pine. Although softwood is cheaper than hardwood furnishing, it is still a perfectly viable option that is budget friendly.

Manufactured wood

Manufactured woods are produced to be a cheaper alternative for wooden furnishings. They are usually produced using materials such as chipboard, plywood and MDF. Whilst the quality isn’t as good as hardwood furniture, the price is significantly lower, making them a popular choice.


Veneer is often dismissed as the cheap option of wooden furniture, however, there are plenty of high-end veneer options available, and it does come with its own benefits, such as:

  • Solid wood can sometimes be more prone to warping or splitting when exposed to heat or direct sunlight, whereas veneer doesn’t.
    Requires less maintenance
    Is cheaper
    More environmentally friendly
    Less prone to water damage

Solid wood

Solid wood furniture is comprised of only solid wood, without any veneers. On some occasions, solid wood can be made using a combination of a composite base material, and topped with a veneer surface. Remember that all types of wood have their advantages and draw backs, therefore your individual choice depends on the budget you have, and what you are seeking when looking for wooden furniture. If you are looking for quality furnishing, hard wood such as oak is a great option to go for, however if you’re looking for something a little more budget friendly, veneer or softwood are still good choices too.

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