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What should you consider when refurbishing a commercial space?


When undergoing a large scale refurbishment project such as redecorating a commercial business space, there are a few factors that need to be taken into consideration before remodelling begins. In the article below, Square One Interiors will discuss the key points that you should be taking on board before remodelling your business space.


Keep Your Budget In Mind


Setting out a clear budget at the start of your refurbishment project and working to stick to this over the course of your commercial redesign is a great way to ensure you’re your investment does not break the bank. Consider what it is that you want to gain from your redesign and if there are certain areas that should be prioritised more than others. This will help you to create a clear idea of the sort of budget that you can expect.


Accommodate Customer Needs


When aiming to refurbish a commercial space, it’s vital that the needs and expectations of your customers & those frequenting the space are taken into consideration. It’s important to go into any redesign project with a strong idea of how you want the final product to look, but working alongside your customer base to gain design ideas directly from your target market is a great way to better accommodate your audience, making sure your space works as intended.


Invest In High Quality Furniture Pieces


When investing in a refurbishment for your commercial space, it’s important that the furnishings that you opt for will last a long time and withstand any potential wear and tear. Furniture pieces crafted from recycled materials such as reclaimed timber have greatly risen in popularity in more recent years, seen used within a number of commercial interior design projects. At Square One Interiors, our rustic furniture pieces are all handmade within the UK from locally sourced timber and steel, meaning each product can be customised to your exact specifications.


If properly cared for, our rustic style furniture pieces can last for several years, proving to be a high quality and worthwhile investment for you and your commercial space.


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