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How to foster productivity in your home workspace


When picturing a home office, a cramped and disorganised workspace is commonly what comes to mind. Uninspired design decisions can often have a great impact upon your productivity, leaving you unmotivated and having a negative effect on your work overall.


When planning to refurbish your home office, it is important that you consider the impact the choices that you make will having upon your productivity, helping to foster a motivating atmosphere when working from home. In the below article, Square One Interiors will discuss the ways in which you can work to transform a mundane work space, helping to improve your motivation.


Opt for a brighter colour palette


Interior design choices that rely too heavily upon the use of neutral colours such as beige and grey can make your home office seem bland and uninteresting, having an impact on your overall productivity levels. While neutral tones should not be avoided completely within the design of your work area, they should not overwhelm your colour palette.


If your home office resides in a shared space within your home, it may be difficult to undergo a complete redesign, making refurbishment plans such as painting the walls to incorporate colour into your space less likely. In this case, it is important to find other ways in which bolder use of colour can be added to your workspace design.

Our colourful and unique reclaimed wood tables can make for a great desk space and offer an ideal way to bring a pop of colour into your home. Crafted from steel and reclaimed wood, our rustic style tables are available with five different wood finishes and with table legs in over 100 varying colours. This is a quality product that can be constructed to your exact requirements, making it the ideal way to incorporate brighter colours into your interior design.


Feature plants in your design


Adding greenery to your office environment offers a great way to promote wellness within your work space. This may seem like one of the oldest tricks in the book, but the incorporation of plants into your home office can work wonders for both fostering productivity and improving the quality of your work environment.

If the space that you have to work with is limited, our reclaimed wood plant pot shelves offer the perfect solution, helping to free up floor and desk space while still adding a natural element to your surroundings.


For more inspiration, browse Square One Interior’s complete product range and learn more about the quality products that we have to offer.

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