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The Importance of Longevity in Furniture Design


With the recent rise in popularity of inexpensive, short-lived furniture pieces that fail to stand up to the tests of everyday use, the length of time that we hold on to our furniture before beginning to shop for replacements has greatly decreased.
Regularly discarding of our older furniture pieces in favour of low-quality, mass produced replacements has quickly become the accepted norm, but this can have long-term negative impacts on both our wallets and the environment.


Furniture should be built with longevity in mind, helping us to prevent excessive waste production and decrease the amount of furniture being sent to landfill. And with the popularity of eco-friendly consumerism on the rise, we should all be trying to be more environmentally conscious in our spending decisions.

Avoiding cheaper, mass produced furniture alternatives, and instead choosing to invest in higher quality pieces can have great positive environmental impacts. Real wood furniture made from recycled materials such as reclaimed wood and steel offer a level of quality that is unmatched by lower quality options, as well as a much longer life expectancy that will help to greatly reduce the need for regular furniture replacements.


Industrial reclaimed wood furniture is a great investment for any at-home or commercial refurbishment project. These pieces help to upcycle ethically sourced materials and bring a new lease of life to reclaimed timber that may otherwise go to waste, making for a quality piece of furniture that has a positive environmental impact.

All of the reclaimed wood furniture pieces on offer from Square One Interiors are handcrafted by our skilled craftsmen using locally sourced wood and steel; each carefully handmade piece is completely unique.

Our products are also available alongside a number of different wood finishings to best suit your style and requirements as well as provide all of our rustic style furniture pieces with an extra layer of protection, guarding them from the wear and tear of daily use and greatly improving their overall life expectancy.


If properly cared for, our industrial-style reclaimed wood furniture pieces can last for an extended number of years, meaning furniture needs to be replaced much less frequently. This is great for helping to prevent excessive waste and the amount of furniture that ends up in landfill, while also proving to be a more cost-effective choice in the long run.

While high-quality, real wood furniture may seem like a more expensive option in comparison to mass produced, inexpensive options, investing in quality pieces will greatly reduce the rate at which your furniture needs to be replaced, saving you money long-term.


Overall, longevity is a very important feature to look out for in furniture design, ensuring that the pieces that we invest in are built to last and will successfully stand the tests of time.

The pieces on offer from Square One Interiors are all hand crafted with longevity in mind, proving to be both an environmentally friendly, high-quality investment, as well as a great edition to your home or commercial space. Shop our complete industrial-style product range today.

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