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Based in Britain’s home of metal work The Black Country

As all our products are made to order here in the UK by our skilled craftsmen, this allows us to offer a fully bespoke service, so what ever colour, size, and style you are looking for, whether it be interior or exterior furniture, a dining table or display shelving unit, upholstered seating or rustic, we can cater to your needs.

With our in house design team we can assist with all aspects of interior and exterior design, looking at the intended use of the space and how our furniture can be best designed to offer maximin functionality of your environment.

Although only a small company with 4 employees, we are able to cater for any size job, having comfortably managed orders of 44 table and bench sets within a 3 week timeframe. At any time we have the ability to upscale our operation.

As a company we are environmentally conscious, both of the materials we use along with our manufacturing processes, with all materials purchased locally, either from sustainable or reclaimed sources. Within the workshop we recycle all our steel waste and our timber off-cuts are reused to heat the workshop during the winter months.

We are proud to be the ongoing furniture supplier for the men’s fashion brand LUKE1977 and have worked along side some of the top retailers within the world…

And did you know our product offers mental health benefits AND can increase productivity within the workplace…

Biophilic design or biophilia is the inclusion of natural materials in the working environment. As urban spaces grow and technology becomes even more prevalent, incorporating elements of nature into individuals’ surroundings stands to provide health benefits.

Research into the benefits of biophilic design has gone a long way to explaining the various health benefits associated with bringing nature indoors.

Environment psychologist Stephen Kaplan says that nature powerfully engages the mind with “involuntary fascination” which helps restore attention and focus. He also says that people can concentrate better after spending time in nature. In addition, people with a view of natural elements, such as trees, water or countryside, report greater levels of wellbeing than those looking over more urban settings, according to the Human Spaces Report.

The World Health Organisation expects stress related illness, such as mental health and cardio-vascular disease, to be the biggest contributor to disease by 2020.

It has been shown that incorporating elements of nature, either directly or indirectly, into the workplace can reduce stress, blood pressure and heart rate, as well as boost productivity and creativity. In fact, biophilic design in the workplace can increase productivity by 8%, and well-being by 13%, helping to reduce absenteeism.

…. all this with a clever choice of furniture!!


The inclusion of raw and earth materials in the working environment increases productivity by 8%, well-being by 13%, and in addition to this absenteeism falls and staff are more engaged… all through a clever decision in furniture!


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