Resourceful Storage Ideas for Designing a Limited Space

Whether you’re in the process of redecorating or moving to a new home, proper storage is essential for the design of a fully functioning living space. A lack of storage within the home can lead to a space both feeling, and looking, cluttered, making this a vital design feature to consider when reorganising your home; especially when working with a limited amount of space. These storage ideas are great for helping you to free up space and avoid a cluttered home.  


Industrial TV Cabinet 

If working within a limited space, it is likely that larger storage units such as bookshelves and display cabinets are unable to be accommodated. In these cases, a smaller scale storage unit, such as an industrial style tv cabinet, may provide the perfect storage solution. 
Handmade from industrial steel & reclaimed timber, this tv cabinet is a great long-term investment that is built to withstand years of wear. Its use of both drawers and open shelving makes this a versatile storage option, allowing for items such as DVDs and television remotes that are frequently accessed to be kept on display while any unnecessary clutter is tucked out of site. 


Industrial Shelving Unit 

Made from in the UK from reclaimed timber and heavy-duty steel, this industrial style shelving unit is also a great storage option for those with a smaller living space. Its open shelving works to provide an ideal way to store any decorative items you may want to keep on display, such as photographs, without them cluttering up your living space. 


Wall Mounted Shelving 

For those working with a limited floor space, wall-mounted rustic shelving may be able to provide a better suited storage solution; allowing for any decorative pieces to be stored and displayed without taking up a large amount of room. Crafted from reclaimed wood, these industrial style shelves are customisable down to their wood colour and dimensions, making them completely adaptable to both your requirements and the style of your living space.  


To conclude, there are a number of ways in which storage-focused furniture pieces can be utilised, helping to open up your living space and allow for better organisation in the home. Discover more of our storage and shelving range here.  

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