Modern Industrial Style Furniture

Our modern industrial furniture is partly inspired by our rich, local and industrial black country roots. Our products provide an original and visually appealing take on everyday furniture, adding a touch of character to any room. We entwine our designs with an environmentally conscious production, sourcing local and recycled materials to create our masterpieces.

Using old and recycled materials, we create modern industrial furniture that not only looks and feels great, but also provides a great talking point for your home or office. Contemporary industrial furniture might be becoming a mainstream idea; however, we provide unique and bespoke pieces which are only produced from time, hard work and love for our products.

If you are looking for modern industrial style furniture, why not have a browse through our products and see if you find something perfect for you.


Are you interested in a bar that comes with memories no matter how drunk you get? If so, click here to see our range of suitable and unique products.

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Bathroom Unit

Maybe a bathroom with a modernised twist that suits your needs, click here to see our range.

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Bistro Tables

To sit around drinking or eating, click here to see our gorgeous bistro tables.

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Clothes Rail

Want to add some edge to your wardrobe (without changing your clothes) click here to see our mesmerising clothing rails.

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Coat Stand

Are you on the search for a ‘talk of the town’ coat stand? Search no more, click here to see what’s in stock.

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Coffee Tables

Is your sofa feeling lonely? Do you need a coffee table to enhance your living space?

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Conference Tables

Does a conference table with some personality interest you? If so, click here to see our magnificent collection.

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Console Tables

A console table is wide,and roughly as tall as a regular table or desk. They are often placed against a wall. Click to see our range

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Do you want to make your office space ‘a little bit of you’? click here to see our funky desks.

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Dining Table

Whether it’s for a family meal, or a therapy session with friends, click here to see our relaxingly beautiful dining tables.

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Display Unit

Want a display unit just as elegant as your photos and trophies? Click here to see what we have for you.

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Are you looking for a heavenly glow with a retro twist? Click here to see our creative lighting collection.

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In this collection who knows what you’ll find, Click here to explore!

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After a hard day on your feet, all you need is a bespoke seat, click here to see our seating pieces.

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Shelving and Storage

Do you want a funky storage space with a touch of organisation? Click here to see the variety we have.

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